Money or Page Rank ?

Friday, October 10, 2008 12 comments

Google just updated the page rank a couple weeks ago. And my pagerank didn't change after Mr. G penalize my blog. Some of people said my blog penalize cause of hidden link and some of said cause of Paid Link. But I think My blog penalize cause of Paid Link, such as Text Link Adds.
Like I said before on my article, it was dilemma for me to choose Money or Page Rank...

If I choose Money I must add TLA on my blog and get Paid Review, but maybe my page rank will doesn't change forever...

Page Rank
If choose page rank, I must delete TLA and not get paid review anymore. Unless the advertisers want no follow link. But I think almost advertisers want do follow.

And you know, I choose MONEY
Because I need money from my blog, at least to pay my internet connection. Then I can surfing and browsing and participate on EC to visit my friend's blogs and your blogs too. And use my internet connection for my others activities.

What about you?
Might be some of you will choose Page Rank...
For me Page Rank is important but I Money more important :)

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