Entrecard Addicted ?

Sunday, October 5, 2008 15 comments

Almost one week I went to my city-born to celebrated Idul Fitri.
When I was there, I felt something missing. My habit to drop via entrecard...

As I told before, it was hard to find internet connection in my city-born. I must go for 10 km to found the Hot Spot, just to drop EC...
Then I ask to my self :

  • Am I addicted by entrecard ?
  • Am I Dropper-aholic ?
Might be I have been addicted by EC, like people addicted by drugs... lol
I felt so happy after drop EC, because I can visit my friends blogs/sites via EC.

What do you think ?
Did you felt the same ?
Did you Dropper-aholic too ? :)

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