When Google Update Pagerank ?

Monday, September 22, 2008 4 comments

I just want to share about when google update their pagerank? From some resources, I got that google will update pagerank every 3 month. Last updated at the end of July 2008, that's mean google will publish new pagerank the end of October 2008.

What that's mean?
That's mean we have one month left to prepare. One of is get backlink, because backlink is one of the factor affected your pagerank.
There are some tips to get back link, such as :

  • Add comment on another blogs or sites, better their pagerank higher than you.
  • Submit to search engine, just find free search engine
  • Joint with social bookmark
  • Joint with some blogger forum
I wrote about How To Increase Google Pagerank before, and you can read it
I know some people don't care much about pagerank, but ...
If you care to your pagerank, you can prepare from now... :)

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