Entrecard Credit For Sale

Sunday, May 4, 2008 1 comments

Dear Friends...
After I had joined Entrecard for few months, now I want to sale my Entrecard Credit for you who need it.

The quantity and price shown below :

1. 500 EC Price US $ 2.5

2. 1000 EC Price US $ 4.5

3. 1500 EC Price US $ 7.0

4. 2000 EC Price US $ 8.5

If you interest with my offering, please let me know.

- All payment via PayPal
- Don't forget to send me your valid email

- Entrecard will be sent to your email address that you specify after complete payment

- If you want receive your Entrecard using an e-mail then you will receive it as a
coupon. To convert the coupon into credits, you need to click on “Apply coupon” link to your dashboard in Entrecard, and click Apply Button.

I hope those Entrecard useful for you and this trade will success for us

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