Joke of The Way To Be Success

Wednesday, May 7, 2008 0 comments

No doubt that almost people want to be success. There are so many tips that you can find how to be success. In this article The Success mean that you have enough money or I can tell you that you have a lot of money.

In my opinion there are some The Way To Be Success (have a lot of money) :

1. You was born from Rich Family
If you was born from rich family, then when you grow up you will be the rich man, as long as you can manage and continue the money or the your family business

2. Married with Rich-Man or Rich Women

If you married with someone who has been rich, then you will be rich

3. Your Destiny is always Luck

Sometimes there are people who always get luck. Example, when they buy lottery, they always get the prize.

4. Work Hard

Work hard as you can to get a lot of money. Use your skill and your competence to get it. And I think many people must choose this way because they are not from rich family, they weren't married with someone rich and they couldn't depend on their destiny.

So..., what is your opinion for this joke article ???

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