Who is Premiership League 2007/2008 Champion ?

Sunday, April 27, 2008 1 comments

Premiership 2007/2008 Competition more bitter and interest after Chelsea has beaten Manchester United (MU) 2-1. They have the same 81 points, but MU more superior from goal different with 16 goal. You can see the Premier League Table here.

Here, I want to make my analysis and prediction who is the Premiership Champion 2007/2008. They have two more game and my prediction as you can see below

Analysis :

Game on 3 May 2008

MU vs Westham United

MU will play in their home, Old Trafford. And as we know, MU will hard beat in Old Trafford. So far not many team can beat them in Old Trafford. On the other hand, Westham is safe this season from relegation to Division One, so nothing more they have to catch except prestige. I think Westham will play some of reserves team to give them experience. So MU will WIN this game

Newcastle vs Chelsea
Even Chelsea will play away, but I think they can beat Newcastle. This analysis base on Newcastle has been safe this season from relegation to Division One. Chelsea will WIN this game

Game on 11 May 2008

Wigan vs Manchester United

Wigan still try to escape from relegation, but when they can beat Aston Villa on 3 May 2008 they will safe from relegation. But chance of Wigan will stay in Premiership next season more big because there are still three teams more below them, that's is Middlesbrough,Bolton and Reading. So Wigan will play not hard as Bolton or Reading. I think MU will WIN this game.

Chelsea vs Bolton

Bolton must play hard to avoid relegation to Division One, they try to win, at least draw to stay in Premiership next season. Chelsea will not easy to win this game. I think the result is DRAW

So, the conclusion of my prediction is Manchester United will be Premiership League Champion 2007/2008. Even they have same points on the final game, MU still win goal different from Chelsea.

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1 comments: to “ Who is Premiership League 2007/2008 Champion ? so far...

  • Magpies Zone May 1, 2008 at 11:00 PM

    Chelsea will win? As a TOON fan, I hope (believe) we can beat them :) Under our previous manager when we were poor at their home we only lost with controversial goal, now the game is in fortress SJP under the Messiah, WE WILL WIN this game :)