Did We Land On The Moon (part1)

Sunday, April 20, 2008 2 comments

Did We Success Land on the Moon??? There was a lot of opinion and debate from the people. Now I want to share and take your opinion about it. There were a lot of supporting that we never land on the moon, and it was all just fake, but some of people answer all the questions about what people doubt about we land on the moon.

There are some questions, such as

1. Why does the flag wave in the breeze if it's supposed to be in vacuum? (see this picture)
2. Why are there no stars in the sky in the photographs taken from the lunar surface? (see the movie)

3. If there were only astronauts on the surface at any one time, who took the photographs, because none of the astronauts are seen holding a camera? (see this picture)

4. Why some photographs show shadow from more than one light source. The shadow of 2 men is not the same length? (see this picture)

5. There are still a lot of questions such as about the rock, picture quality and others. You can find the complete questions here and the others here

But some people believe the we landed on the moon (Hoax Believers). They answer all the questions above and you can find what they said here.
Also, you can watch the movie of proof that We Land on the Moon here.

For you who interested about his topic, you can find more complete information with watch the movie. There a lot of movie, and I recommend you watch the movie below

1. Did We Really Land on the Moon
2. Conspiracy Theory about Land on the Moon
3. Moon Landing Hoax
4. Proof of Moon Hoax
5. Moon Hoax : One Six G
6. What are The Expert Said
7. Edwin Aldrin Interviewed

There are still a lot of movie that pro and contra about "That We Land on The Moon".

So, what do you think ?
What do you opinion ?

For me, Did we land on the moon or not, we have made a great milestone and improvement. Just see the positive side and the positive impact for the pro and contra opinion about Did We Land on The Moon.
This article I take from some sources. There are no bad or negative objectives and purposes from this article, except just share what I get and read...

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  • Jaz April 20, 2008 at 12:06 PM

    For those who have no idea, yes WE landed on the moon...as in the United States did. It is documented. We lost people in the process of our space program. We Americans are proud of our space program and what our country has accomplished.

  • Anonymous April 20, 2008 at 6:27 PM

    I cant believe that people still think we didnt land on the moon. Every one of the points mentioned in the article have been discussed in much greater detail than this silly spam article has done.

    And what does this post have to do with the theme of the blog in the first place?