BLINK : The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

Friday, April 18, 2008 1 comments

All people have been made decision in their life. No matter bad or good decision. Sometimes when we make decision we think and think for a few times, but sometimes we make decision spontaneous or we can said make decision without thinking.

Malcolm Gladwell has been written his book “BLINK”. He try to explain and explore the power of the trained mind to make split second decisions, the ability to think without thinking, or in other words using instinct.

There are so many BLINK that we can find in our daily activities, such as how we can get to know what emotions a person is feeling just by looking at his or her face. Some a good story is about Mr. Sorros. When he made decision for his trade in Foreign Exchange Market or Stock, he always use hi instinct. Some people said, when he feel his shoulder (like sick or not well) he will make a “sell” transaction. And some of this transaction were profit for him and his company.

The answer is, “Can we train and make exercise our BLINK?” In my opinion the answer is “YES”, but it need time to prove your decision. In the beginning maybe you will confuse and doubt about you BLINK decision, but in one time you will believe it…

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