The Meaning of Life

Thursday, August 14, 2008 5 comments

What is the meaning of life??? It's hard to think of a word more charged with meaning—or meanings—than "life." According Radu Popa, the author of Between Probability and Necessity: Searching for the Definition and Origin of Life, he found at least three hundred, maybe four hundred definitions about life.

I take the article from windows to the Universe, "The study of life is called "biology" and the people who study it are "biologists". They even have a tough time describing what life is! But after many years of studying living things, from the mold on your old tuna sandwich to monkeys in the rain forest, biologists have determined that all living things, do share some things"

in common:

1) Living things need energy
2) Living things grow and develop
3) Living things respond to their surroundings
4) Living things reproduce

What do you think ???
What is the meaning of life ???

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