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Thursday, August 21, 2008 8 comments

English Premier League (EPL) 2008/2009 season just begun last week. In my country, we can watched the EPL game live via cable TV before (season 2007/2008), via ASTRO TV.

But unfortunately, for 2008/2009 season, ASTRO won't broadcast the EPL anymore. I already registered for ASTRO TV since last year, because I heard this TV will kept the right of EPL broadcast for the next three years.

Now, one of the cable TV got the right of EPL broadcast, name is AORA TV. But I was trauma to subscribe to cable TV. Then I try to find another way to watch EPL live.

If you don't want subscribe to cable TV, then you can still watch English Premier League Live with Internet Connection. There are some resources that you can used, such as :

1. Using software
There are some software that you can used to watch EPL and you can download the software :
- Sopcast
- TVU Player
You can watch a lot of channels with those software, i.e. HBO, STAR Movies, ESPN, etc.
The quality this software is not good enough, because there are buffer. So if you internet connection is not broadband, you will get the picture disjointed.

2. Direct Browsing
You can dwatch without software, just go to these sites :
- Justin TV
- Asia Plate TV
To get the best quality picture, you need minimum internet connection up to 512 Kbps.
I already try, and compare with cable TV, there are no significant difference of time (delay).

Both, the software and the site is free. You can try it
So... let's Watch the English Premier League Live...

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