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Wednesday, June 11, 2008 3 comments

Do you want to be success? Absolutely the answer is YES. Everybody want to be success. Do you know how to be success? A lot of books and article give How To Be Success. But in my opinion every body can to be success but depend on their target success.

What is The Target Success?
The target success is something you want to be achieve, and when you achieve this target you will be happy in your life. You must identify your success target. Almost people set their target for success on have a lot of money. Is that true or wrong? You can answer by your self. Imagine if you have a lot of money, will you happy?If you are not happy, it's mean that is not your target success.

How to Set Your Target Success?
To set and identify your success target is ask your self "what things that can make you happy?"

There are some general target success that people choose :
- Have a lot of money
- Have happy family
- Have a good career
- Have a clever son/daughter
- Have a pretty wife or handsome husband
- etc

After you choose your success target then you can focus to achieve it. Just think how to achieve your success target. You must work hard and give your extra mild energy to achieve it.

The key to achieve this target is you must CONFIDENCE to your self that you able. Remember the "SECRETS ENERGY" (read the secrets book, by Rhonda Byrne or read the review of this book), when you focus on one thing and you believe and confidence you can achieve them, then all the energy in universe will help you to achieve your success target.

I share you the case about Walt Disney's Success Story. From child he want to be a famous cartoon painter in the world. Even sometimes he doubt that he can achieve it but his teacher always make him confidence that one day he will be success cartoon in the world. As you know he is a famous cartoon in the world now.

So, you can try to identify your success target, then focus and believe that one day you will get it.

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