Teacher For Success : Walt Disney's Story

Monday, April 14, 2008 1 comments

Teacher ...
Do you still remember who is your first teacher in the school? Teacher is one of the important people who make us to be right and success. Let me share you about the story of a teacher who made a person to be famous and success.

In one of school, there was a class with drawing subject. One day the teacher asked to all students "What do you want to be for your future?" There were a lot of answers from the students, some of them said want to be a doctor, pilot, engineer even president.
But there was a student who answer "I want to be a Cartoon Painter". Almost all the students laughed when heard that answer, because they know that student not good enough for drawing, even drawing cartoon.

But when the class finished, the teacher talk to that student (who want to be cartoon painter), The teacher said " I am so confidence that you will be a great cartoon painter if you practice every day". This sentence said by the teacher over and over every day. The student that sentence gave him motivation, and he practiced drawing cartoon every day.

In final examination, this student has got the best rank for cartoon painting.
Then the teacher said again to the student " I believe you will become a Famous Cartoon Painter in the world if you more practice and practice". The student laughed when he heard that, and said in his mind "Maybe my teacher is crazy now". But the teacher said that sentence over and over in every day, and gave the impact to the student to follow what his teacher said, more practice and practice for few years. Now this student has become a famous cartoon painter in the world. The student is Mr. Walt Disney.

Can you imagine, how's big teacher influenced to Mr. Walt Disney to make him success?

Have you remind and review what is your teacher gave to you and influenced you?

Have you remember your teacher has rendered a big service to you?

What you can do for your teacher now?
You can find the answer with your self

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