La Liga & Premier League Champion Analysis

Saturday, May 10, 2008 1 comments

There are nice and good historical data of La Liga Champion and Premier League Champion since year of 2000/2001. When we see more detail and make analysis the are the same team and the same situation between them.

  • When Valencia to be champion in La Liga then Arsenal to be champion in Premiership, even thought now Valencia rank drop in La Liga and Arsenal still consistent in the big three championship in Premiership.
  • When Barcelona to be champion, then Chelsea to champion also in Premiership. And when you remember, in year of 2004, Barcelona has new coach, he is Frank Rijkaard and Chelsea also has new coach, Jose Mourinho.
So, in 2007/2008 Real Madrid has win the La Liga Championship, then is that Manchester United will be the Premiership League Championship? According the historical data, the answer is YES, Manchester United will be Premiership League Champion.

So, let we find the real answer on 11th May 2008

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