Key Success

Tuesday, April 8, 2008 1 comments

Do you know the Key Success? I read and joint the seminar about The Key Factor to Success. One of the guest speaker told that the key factor to success dependent on

  • Skill
  • Opportunity
  • Internal Factor (health, motivation, and everything from inside you)
What do you think?
In my opinion, there are one more factor to success. That's factor is External Factor, such as your luck or something come from external on you. Sometimes you meet the people who has average skill, average opportunity but he/she has a big luck in his life. So he can be success. But we must to brainstorm about what is success? If you have much money then you can said you are success? Or you have a great job, or great life?
In this topic, the success that I mean is some one who has much money. I have a friend. He was born from rich family, and then he continue his family business. So he become a success man. But I call him "Luck Man".

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