Main Factor to Decrease Google Pagerank

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The issues or news about decrease of google pagerank was hot about 6 months or maybe 8 moths ago. Many bloggers and owner of sites wondering about their google pagerank decreased. They asked and suggest "that google change the algorithm of pagerank?"

One of them is
Search Engine Journal own by Loren Baker, on 24th October 2007, where he got his pagerank decrease from 7 to 6. Now his pagerank drop again to 4.
What happened?
From some resources I got the factor to decrease the google pagerank is PAID LINK.

I wonder when found some resources said that google might be punish bloggers or sites which used paid link or post review, such as :
Pay Per Post, Smorty, Review Me, etc You can read the article about Pay Per Post might decrease google page rank at The Palatnik Factor, Affiliate Watcher, Quick Online Tips.

So, what happen?
What is the factor can be affected to decrease of pagerank? According Search Engine Journal, there are many reasons which Google may be changing PageRank.

  • Paid Linking : The easy excuse is that they’re targeting paid links, but not all sites which experienced the drop sell or buy links.
  • Mass Linking : Do we link out to too many sites via Blog Rolls? Does Linkbait just result in TOO MANY links, even if they are natural.
  • Devalue PageRank : PageRank is seen by many as the end all value of a web site. Our PageRank dropped but we are receiving more Google search traffic than ever. PageRank does not define site rankings in Google or traffic and it should not be mistaken as so.
  • Kill the Paid Link Market : If Paid Linking houses use PageRank as a pricing metric, then eliminating or devaluing PageRank will devalue paid linking
So... what we will do now if google will punish paid link, paid post, link ads etc
Search Engine Land said :
  • It's Google's search engine. They have every right to say that if you sell links, they might penalize you.
  • Google is not telling people what to do with their sites, which is a popular argument point. Google is telling people what to do if they are concerned about doing better in Google. Don't want to be harmed in Google? Don't sell links.
  • Don't care about Google? Sell links all you want.
  • Despite Google's policy and even this latest action, they'll never catch all the paid links. It's part of the reason I'd like to see them back off the paid links war and instead work out other ways to determine if a link deserves credit, paid or not.
  • I don't want people who innocently sell links to be harmed.
So, what do you think?
Do you have experience about it?

I hope you can share with me, because I doubt and don't know that "Will google punish us because of paid link and post review?"

Finally I hope Google won't punish Bloggers or Sites who member of Entrecard...

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