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Sunday, July 27, 2008 21 comments

Almost 4 months I develop my blog "THE SUCCESS".
From day to day I always checked my google page rank and it's always 0 (zero). I tried to follow some of tips to increase google page rank such as

  • Jointed with Entrecard
  • Add comment in another blogs
  • Link to the best sites
  • Submitted to search engine directories (free search engine)
  • Jointed with some advertisements and add their widget in my blog
  • Trade link with another (link exchange)
  • Jointed with Blogger Forum
And suddenly yesterday I found that My Google Page Rank is 3. That was surprised me.
Thank you for King of Google, Entrecard, Blogger Forum and all of you
Now what I will do is maintain and try to increase it more and more, but I don't know about the result.

So, Wish Me Luck ...

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