The Secret of Google's Success

Saturday, April 12, 2008 0 comments

I think almost everybody in the world know about Google, one of the big company in the world who was founder by two brilliant people, Sergey Brin and Larry E. Page). But do you know what is the secret's of Google for success ? In my opinion, their success because of some their company values below

1. Commitment
Google grew from their search engine. They have commited to give service the fastest and the best search engine with no charge.

2. Creative & Innovative
When they committed to make the fastest search engine, the impact is they don't want to add advertisers in their search engine. But they need income for running their business. Then they get idea about their product "google adwords" and "google adsense". The man who has this idea is so brilliant.
The question is where they add their advertisers? In my oppinion google has applied The Best Inventory Management to their business. They add their advertisers in people web site or blog. Google adsense is the famous product, a lot of people said Pay Per Click. You can to be a member of google adsense, just apply and it's free of charge. In this situation, google doesn't need space for their advertisers. This advertisers revenue about US$100 billion. This is the simple idea and almost everybody who learn about inventory management knew about the best invetory is zero stock or just in time. And google success applied this method.

3. Sensitive & Caring

Google management know what their employee want and needs. They make Google's Office so comfort and the employee can work with enjoy.

4. Respect

Google management also respect to their employee who has creative and innovative idea. This situation make employee can found the new idea. They try and try to make innovation idea everyday.
In my opinion, maybe some days we will found the a lot of product with google brand, maybe Google Motorcycle, Google's T-Shirt, etc.

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